Is there a risk when sharing xpub keys?

For ease-of-use, CryptFolio supports tracking xpub (extended public key) addresses, which are long strings starting with "xpub". These keys allow CryptFolio to track all of your addresses, without you having to export and import them manually into the platform.

However, please be aware that providing your third party to any third party (including CryptFolio) can introduce additional risks.

Theoretically, by sharing your extended public key (xpub), the recipient can obtain all of your current – and future – wallet public keys and addresses, and identify and view all of your historical transactions. This can have privacy implications, if you are trying to remain anonymous with your cryptocurrency transactions.

Additionally, if the recipient ever obtains a single private key from your wallet, they will be able to obtain all of your private keys and take your funds.

However, as long as you always keep your private keys safe, your funds will be remain safe.

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