How does CryptFolio add new wallets?

We want to add support for as many wallet services (e.g. exchange wallets, mining pools, and other online wallets) as we can to CryptFolio, with priority on account types that are in the highest demand.

In order to integrate a wallet type into CryptFolio, the requirements are:

  • The wallet service must have an API to list the current balances for a given user.
  • The API must be read-only, either by design or allowing a user to create an API key that is read-only; it must not be possible for an API key to perform an exchange, trade or withdrawal.
  • The wallet service should also have an API to list the historical transactions made by a given user.
  • If your service also supports trading different assets or currencies (i.e. you're also an exchange), you may also want to be listed as an exchange on CryptFolio.

We will not support services or applications that are inherently insecure, cannot provide read-only credentials, or could expose any of our users private information. More information about this principle is listed in Our Security Policies.

If you would like CryptFolio to support a service that meets these requirements, or to vote on one already suggested, you can Share your Idea.

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