How does CryptFolio support accounts without transactions?

For each account, CryptFolio maintains up to three collections of data:

  • Balances, the most recent currency values for the account;
  • Transactions, distinct currency events that can construct the history of an account; and
  • Histories, historical snapshots of currency values over time.

CryptFolio is designed to work with accounts that can provide both balances and transactions. When generating your portfolio charts or tax reports, we will use these two collections together to construct the chart or report data.

Automatic wallets

For some of our supported wallet types, the third party API cannot return transactions (such as Kiwi-Coin and NiceHash).

In this case, we will regularly update the account on demand, and fetch new balances (rather than transactions). These balances will then be saved as histories for the account, and these histories will be used to render your portfolio charts.

This does not apply to accounts that are not configured to automatically update.

Fixed amounts

If an account is a fixed amount, and has no transactions, then we will assume that the balances for that account will apply on all dates in a chart period.

Tax reports

CryptFolio cannot use histories to generate tax reports; tax reports can only be created for wallets that return transactions.

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