How do I add my NiceHash account?

To add your NiceHash account to your CryptFolio, follow these steps:

Creating a NiceHash API Key

1. Log into your NiceHash account, and visit your Settings page.

2. Visit the API menu.

3. NiceHash only supports a single read-only API key per account. If you do not already have a read-only API key, create a new one by clicking Get a new key. Make sure that you only provide a read-only API key with CryptFolio.

4. You will now have your NiceHash API ID and your ReadOnly API Key, ready to put into CryptFolio.

Adding the NiceHash API key to your portfolio

1. Go into your CryptFolio and Configure the portfolio you wish to add the account to.

2. Click on the "Pool" button to add a new NiceHash account, and select the NiceHash mining pool option.

3. Enter in your NiceHash API ID (as the Customer ID), and your ReadOnly API Key.

4. Click "Add Account". CryptFolio will now download the balances from your NiceHash account.

5. You're done!

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