How do I add my Bit2C account?

To add your Bit2C account to your CryptFolio, follow these steps:

Creating a Bit2C API Key

1. Log into your Bit2C account, and visit your User Settings page.

2. Visit the API page.

3. Here you will see a list of all of your API keys. Click the button to create a new API key.

4. Create a new API key that has been set to Readonly. If you need to use an IP address filter (not recommended), use

5. Click Confirm to create the new API key. You will be shown the new API key and secret, ready to add into CryptFolio. You will need to copy these into the next step.

Adding the Bit2C API key to your portfolio

1. Go into your CryptFolio and Configure the portfolio you wish to add the account to.

2. Click on the "Exchange" button to add a new Bit2C account.

3. Enter in the key and secret from the previous API screen into the Add Account dialog.

4. Click "Add Account". CryptFolio will now download the balances from your Bit2C account.

5. You're done!

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