Knowledge Base: Features

  • Using CryptFolio anonymously: A guide

    One of our security principles is to allow anyone to sign up and use a CryptFolio account anonymously. This is because one of the strengths of cryptocurrency is the safety and security that anonymity provides; and it should not be necessary to request Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to view a portfolio.

    If you are wanting to use CryptFolio anonymously, we recommend that you consider the steps in this guide.

    NOTE: The extent of your anonymity will depend on how much effort and resources you are willing to place into staying anonymous. All site users must adhere to our

  • Transaction fields exported to CSV

    When you export a collection of address or account transactions, you will get a CSV file with these values for each transaction:

    Converted columns

    If you're also converting each transaction into another target currency, you'll also get these following columns. If a transaction or balance could not be converted - for example, there was not enough historical exchange data - the fields will be empty.

  • How we add new services

    We want to add support for as many services (e.g. exchange wallets, mining pools, and other online wallets) as we can to CryptFolio, with priority on account types that are in the highest demand. In order to integrate an account type into CryptFolio, the requirements are: The Service must have an API to list the current balances for a given user. The API must be read-only, either by design or allowing a user to create an API key that is read-only; it must not be possible for an API key to perform an exchange, trade or withdrawal. Ideally, the Service

  • How we add new currencies

    We want to add support for as many cryptocurrencies and tokens as we can to CryptFolio, with priority on currencies that are in the highest demand.

    For a currency to be listed, the requirements are:

    • It must have a currency code (e.g. BTC).

    For a currency to have an exchange rate, it must also meet these requirements:

    • There must be at least one Exchange, that provides a ticker pair for that currency (e.g. BTC/USD), and has a public API for the latest ticker.
    • Ideally, the Exchange will also have a public API to list the historical ticker rates for that