Transaction fields exported to CSV

When you export a collection of address or account transactions, you will get a CSV file with these values for each transaction:

Field Description Type
txn_id The internal transaction ID number numeric
portfolio_id The internal portfolio ID which owns this account/address numeric
address_id The internal address ID numeric
account_id The internal account ID numeric
wallet The name of the account wallet, e.g. "bitstamp" string
address_currency The name of the address currency, e.g. "btc" string
txn_at The time that the transaction occurred, in UTC time
currency The currency of the transaction, e.g. "btc" string
delta The transaction value; positive if incoming, negative if outgoing decimal
fee The value of the fee, if any, in the currency of the txn decimal or empty
reference The external reference. This may be the cryptocurrency transaction hash, or an exchange internal reference. Multiple identical references may be connected, e.g. a trade from one currency to another. string or empty
source The key of the source used to construct this transaction, e.g. "blocktrail" string or empty
updated_at When this transaction was last updated by CryptFolio, in UTC time
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