What does it mean when a chart is "loading"?

When you initially visit your portfolio, or after you have added or removed some accounts to your portfolio, you may notice that some of your charts loading in the background. Charts loading in the background are indicated with a loading spinner at the bottom left (or bottom right).

This loading spinner is displayed while the chart is calculating some data, or updating some accounts, asynchronously on one of our job servers. Any old data is displayed while we're crunching the new data, and your chart will refresh with the new data once the task has completed.

How long will the calculation take?

Generally, new job requests are completed within a few seconds, so you should only see this indicator very rarely. If you click or put your mouse over the loading spinner, you will see a message displaying how much longer you can expect the task to take to complete, based on our current load and the size of our job queue.

Free users are placed at the bottom of the priority for our job queue, so if you see this message frequently, you may want to consider upgrading your account.

Why does CryptFolio execute tasks asynchronously?

Each of the different services that we integrate with have different rate limit requirements on how often we can request data. CryptFolio does not download balances and process reports with your device, or on demand, so that we can satisfy these requirements.

Rather, new tasks are submitted to our job servers. These job servers process these requests asynchronously in a safe and balanced way, and once each task has been processed, the results are delivered to you.

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