• itBit support

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    We now support the three exchange pairs traded on the itBit platform.

  • Browse using pages

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    When browsing our list of supported currencies, exchange pairs, or the list of transactions for any of your accounts, you can now browse using pages. By default, you'll see 25 items per page.

  • External APIs

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    Today we have released the ability to add custom External APIs to your portfolio. External APIs allow you to specify arbitrary balances and currencies, without having to expose any of your credentials to CryptFolio.

    For more information, check out our External API guide.

  • ANXPRO support

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    Today we have added support for ANXPRO exchange rates and wallets. We are now tracking all of their 37 supported exchange pairs, and you can add your ANXPRO account to your portfolio.

  • Bit2C, BitMarket.pl and Vircurex support

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    Today we have added support for three exchanges and wallets supported by the previous version of CryptFolio:

    • Bit2C: we now support Bit2C wallets, and are tracking the four currency pairs provided by the exchange.
    • BitMarket.pl: we now support BitMarket.pl wallets, and are tracking the six currency pairs provided by the exchange.
    • Vircurex: we now support Vircurex wallets, and are tracking all 156 currency pairs provided by the exchange. Note that Vircurex is currently not processing withdrawals.

    With this release, we have only one old CryptFolio wallet left to support: ANXPRO, which will be added shortly.

  • Enterprise features and service status

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    Today we've released our Enterprise page, detailing the features available to our Enterprise customers.

    We've also set up a service status monitor thanks to the wonderful folks at UptimeRobot. You can view our uptime at status.cryptfolio.com, and any pertinent service updates will also be posted on our Twitter.

  • Guide to CryptFolio charts

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    Today we've released our guide to CryptFolio charts, for all of the different charts that you can add to your portfolio – including how the data is generated, display options that you can use, and other charts that might also be interesting to try out.

    When adding or editing a chart in your portfolio, you'll also now see a little helpful tip describing the chart, and a link through to more information:

  • Stacked currency value charts

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we have added a couple of new chart features. We've added two new chart types, including a Converted Portfolio History chart. This chart displays the historical value of each of your portfolio currencies, converted into a target currency:

    You can add this chart to your portfolio by either resetting your portfolio charts to their defaults, or by adding the chart manually through Add Chart > Value.

    We have also added the ability for line charts to be stacked, either in terms of absolute value, or as 100% stacked charts:

    Thank you to John for the feature suggestion!

  • CoinMarketCap rates back to 2013

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    We've imported the historical USD rates for the top 100 currencies listed on CoinMarketCap, going back all the way to early 2013. Thank you CoinMarketCap for the excellent data!

  • Export transactions with converted values

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    Today we have released an exciting feature for accountants: the ability to export a list of account or address transactions into CSV, with their equivalent (converted) value in any of your reporting currencies.

    For example, you can now see the USD value of each transaction on an account, as at the date of that transaction. You can then use the exported CSV for a wide range of purposes, including tax returns, financial reporting, or importing into another software system. For a full list of the additional CSV fields, see our knowledge base article.

    We will continue adding more features for

  • Features list

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    Today we've released the Features page, which introduces many of the amazing features and technologies in CryptFolio to new users. Check it out!

  • Configurable chart periods

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    Today we've released the ability for users to change the periods of their charts. To configure the period of a chart, select the Gear on your chart and then select the period – anywhere from one day, to five years, or to all available data.

    We also now allow paid users to get access to more historical data, and have restricted the period for free users due to system load. Free users are now limited to generating reports over the last 60 days, whereas if you have an active subscription, your reports will be generated over the last 12-36 months.

  • Browsing historical exchange rate data

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we've released the ability to view historical data for ALL of our supported exchange pairs. On any exchange pair, you can now browse periods anywhere between one day, to five years, or even all available data – rather than the chart being fixed on the last three months.

    This improvement has highlighted some issues with our existing data:

    • We have identified an issue where in some cases, exchange data at the start of 2018 may not render very well. We have implemented a fix and will be rebuilding the database over the next few hours.
    • We have also identified
  • Market average rates

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    Today we've released market average rates. For every pair of currencies that are traded by five or more exchanges, we will now calculate the average (mean) rates, and also the historical average rates. Currently this includes the market average rates for 122 currency pairs.

    As part of this release, we've also added ticker prices to your portfolio view. You'll automatically see the latest average exchange rates for the currencies you care about, on your portfolio:

    Finally, for all exchange rates, we will now highlight whether the rate has increased (green) or decreased (red) since we last updated the rate:

  • Notifications are live

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    Automated notifications are now live for all users. To get started, log into your account and complete the Getting Started wizard.

  • Using CryptFolio anonymously

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    Today we have released our first version of Using CryptFolio anonymously: A guide. Check it out!

  • Portfolio value notifications

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    Today we have released portfolio value notifications. You can now automatically receive an email when your portfolio value changes over a time period, for example by 5% in any one day:

    You can configure your notifications by either editing your portfolio, or by enabling it through the messaging icon on a value chart:

  • Coinbase wallets

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    Today we have added support for Coinbase wallets. You can now authorise CryptFolio to connect to your Coinbase account, to add your balances and transactions into your portfolio.

  • Refreshed pricing page

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    Today we've released our refreshed pricing page, with a comprehensive feature comparison table, and more information about our Enterprise features. Check it out!

  • 20% discount for annual subscriptions

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    Today we have enabled automatically recurring payments for credit cards. When paying for a subscription with your credit card, you can choose to automatically renew your subscription, saving time and ensuring you will never lose access to your subscription benefits.

    Furthermore, if you choose to purchase a yearly subscription, you can now enjoy a significant 20% discount on our normal prices. (This is on top of any cryptocurrency discount, too!)