How does CryptFolio deal with conflicting currency codes?

Most currencies, whether cryptocurrency or fiat, have unique codes (e.g. "BTC", "LTC") across all wallets and exchanges.

We enforce this uniqueness in CryptFolio; we do not permit any of our tracked currencies to share a single currency code reference.

For exchanges that use differing internal codes (e.g. Kraken uses XXBT for Bitcoin BTC), CryptFolio maintains an internal code-to-currency mapping.

We also enforce that all codes must be lowercase. Special characters and/or UTF-8 codes (e.g. emoji) are fine.

In the case of a conflicting or different currency code, our policies are:

In the case of a conflicting code, we will instead use the code with a number affixed, in order of the currency being added to CryptFolio. For example, the Allion currency, which might otherwise have been defined as ALL, becomes ALL1.

If you find a currency or exchange pair that has been improperly defined, please let us know.

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