Using CryptFolio anonymously: A guide

One of our security principles is to allow anyone to sign up and use a CryptFolio account anonymously. This is because one of the strengths of cryptocurrency is the safety and security that anonymity provides; and it should not be necessary to request Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to view a portfolio.

If you are wanting to use CryptFolio anonymously, we recommend that you consider the steps in this guide.

NOTE: The extent of your anonymity will depend on how much effort and the resources you are willing to place into staying anonymous. All of our users must adhere to our Terms of Use at all times.

Use Tor or proxies

You are welcome to use CryptFolio with Tor, third party proxies, or with other decentralised access networks. Note however that we may restrict Tor users from accessing the site from time to time due to network abuse.

Use an anonymous email address

You might not want to use the same email address across multiple accounts, or services  for example, you should not use the same email address for an exchange account as you use with CryptFolio.

Check out the WikiHow guide to sending anonymous email.

If you are experienced with anonymous server administration, you might want to consider setting up your own private email server.

Do not submit Personally Identifying Information

When signing up for an account, the only information that we require is your country (for tax purposes) and your IP address. For a full list of information that we collect, check out our privacy policy.

You do not need to provide your name or any other revealing information on CryptFolio. We only require an email address if you want to use features such as paid accounts, and/or automated notifications.

Use a paid CryptFolio account

Unregistered and free users may be shown advertising when visiting CryptFolio. If you have paid for an account, you will not be shown any advertising, and we will not include any advertising scripts in the pages that we are serving to you.

Pay with cryptocurrency

When paying for your CryptFolio account, consider using a cryptocurrency, and consistently use your cryptocurrency in an anonymous manner. Our payment providers support many different types of cryptocurrencies with varying levels of pseudo-anonymity.

Regularly review your personal data

(Coming soon) We provide a tool to download a copy of all of the information associated with your CryptFolio account. You can regularly download this information and review it to check for any Personally Identifable Information.

Upload fake or incomplete data

We do not do any sort of verification on your portfolio, and you are welcome to insert in as much or as little information, real and/or fake, as you would like. Note that this can impact other reports that use your information, e.g. tax reporting or profit/loss charts.

You are also welcome to share your information across multiple, independent CryptFolio accounts for example, by having separate CryptFolio accounts for Bitcoin and Litecoin, and then accessing each of these accounts from a different device, machine or IP address.

Run your own instance

Enterprise users can download their own copy of the CryptFolio source code, and run their instance on their own servers – allowing you to control all of the information on the servers, and who can access which data. For more information, check out our Enterprise features.

Other ideas?

If you would like to share your own ideas or suggestions on using CryptFolio anonymously, please let us know!

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