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  • Read-only API keys

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we're pleased to announce that you can now access your accounts and portfolios using read-only API keys.

    API keys are another way to access your account data, without having to go through the process of creating an OAuth2 application – but you can only access the account data for your own account. If you're making an application that accesses other users' data, then using OAuth2 is much better.

    Note that if you use e.g. the ?api_key=xxx approach, your request may be logged by third-party cookies or proxies. We recommend setting the X-API-KEY header instead.

    API keys also do not

  • Cardano (ADA) addresses

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    We now support downloading the balances and transactions for Cardano (ADA) addresses, thanks to the Cardano Blockchain Explorer.

  • Live background job progress bars

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we have released an update that lets you see the progress of any address or wallet that is currently being updated in the background by our servers. This is particularly useful for slow wallets, such as Binance and Bitfinex, so that you know what's going on in the background.

    When an account is being updated by our job servers, the progress will be live updated on the account page:

    You will also be able to see a summary of each updating account in your Portfolio Configure page:

    This has been released as part of our ongoing commitment to make

  • Transaction groups and related transactions

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we have released an update to make it easier to categorise and link together transactions.

    We have removed the previous concept of Transaction Links, because we found that this was slowing down CSV and feed imports for large portfolios, as we would have to search over ALL transactions in your portfolio in order to find a link. Links were also directed, which could cause transactions to have transaction link cycles.

    We have instead added the ability to create Transaction Groups. You can now add transactions to any number of groups, and the groups can have custom names. For example,

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    add IHF tokens

    Kuske Nz · 1 · Last reply by Alistair

    Contract address: 0xaF1250fa68D7DECD34fD75dE8742Bc03B29BD58e Symbol: IHF Decimals: 18

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    Ripple balance is shown 0 in ripple wallet through Ledger Nano S

    Subodhmaheshwari70 · 1 · Last reply by Alistair

    Dear Sir,

    I purchased ledger Nano S, from Amazon. (Invoice attached) in February 2018, and I stored ripple into it, I tried to check my balance on 17th of September, but balance shown is Zero.

    I restored my Device , and updated firmware with latest version available with you. I installed XRP wallet again, but result is same (balance is Zero)

    Earlier, I installed Ripple app, and stored Ripple into it In February 2018

    I restored my Device , and updated firmware with latest version available with you. I installed XRP wallet as Ripple device is not available for installation

  • Updating how deprecated exchanges are used

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we have released a small update that changes how we select deprecated exchanges in calculating composite rates.

    Previously, we would select any deprecated exchange for any exchange date – and, since we prefer direct exchange pairs like DOGE/EUR instead of going through DOGE/BTC and BTC/EUR, deprecated exchanges (particularly Vircurex, which is still running, but essentially deprecated) would be selected – causing reports and charts to sometimes be misleading.

    With this change, we now only select deprecated exchanges if either (a) the exchange was not deprecated before the date of conversion, or (b) the exchange has been selected as one

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    Why are the converted values for one of my currencies incorrect?

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    If you suspect that one of your balances has been incorrectly valued in another currency, this may be because the automatic conversion is going through one or more exchanges with high volatility.

    To identify which exchanges are being used to convert one balance to another, click on your list of Balances:

    Select the balance for the currency you'd like to investigate:

    The balance report will include a converted value for this currency in each of your reporting currencies. These converted values are used to generate your charts and reports. The tooltip will demonstrate which exchanges were used, and on which

  • Two-factor authentication

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we have released a new feature: the ability to secure your account with two-factor authentication (2FA).

    Using 2FA, you can use an external device (such as Google Authenticator on your mobile phone) to generate a time-based code, which you will need to supply in order to login, using any of your login methods.

    This can vastly improve the security of your account, by ensuring that only people with access to both your login method AND your 2FA device can access your portfolios and accounts.

    To enable two-factor authentication on your account, visit Your Profile and select Enable two-factor authentication.

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    Add support for holo

    Joshua · 1 · Last reply by Alistair

    currently #46 on coinmarket cap 

  • New designs for historical data

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we've released a better user interface and design for our historical data pages – our supported currencies, and our supported exchanges (and their exchange pairs). The pages are now cleaner, faster, and easier to read.

    As part of this update we've also improved the accessibility of our historical data on mobile, and improved site performance.

  • Portfolio sharing

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we have released a new feature available for free to all of our users: the ability to share your portfolio charts with others. This is a read-only view of your charts, without access to the individual accounts or transactions that make up your reports.

    In order to share your portfolio, you need to enable portfolio sharing on the portfolio, and then share the public link. Note that anyone with the link will be able to view your portfolio.

    We've also added a demo portfolio, using this same functionality, that shows off some of CryptFolio's portfolio reporting features.

  • How does portfolio sharing work?

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    By default, all portfolios are private, and cannot be shared with anyone.

    When you mark your portfolio as public:

    • Anyone with the public link will be able to view the charts in your portfolio. If you do not want others to see the chart, you should not make the chart public.
    • This portfolio view is read-only; users cannot modify the contents, type, indicators, or layout of the charts, and cannot add new charts, or delete existing charts.
    • Users can not force charts or accounts to update. They will continue to update in the background as normal.
    • If at any time
  • Android and iOS beta apps live

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we've pushed our first Android and iOS apps to our beta testers. If you've got an Android and/or iOS device, and you'd like to gain access to new app features before anyone else, sign up to become a mobile app tester.

  • Import Poloniex CSV

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    We now support the Poloniex CSV format for importing transactions.

    Thanks to Andrew H for the suggestion and help in getting this feature live!

  • Bug Bounty programme live

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Our Bug Bounty programme is now live.

    If you have found a bug or vulnerability in our software systems or platform which puts either the availability of our systems or the data of our users at risk, we would like to know about it, and we are willing to provide a bounty reward, so that we can improve the security of our systems in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Direct support for paid users

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we've released a small improvement allowing paid users to directly request support while logged into Paid users have access to direct email support, eight hours a day, five days a week.

    Simply select Get Support when logged into your account, and you'll be taken to a form to send through a support enquiry to our support team:

    We also accept paid support requests through email, and through our support site, so you're able to use the platform you're most comfortable with.

  • Extended public keys (xpub) support for Bitcoin

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    Today we have released an update to support extended public keys (xpub) for Bitcoin.

    These keys start with "xpub", and allow CryptFolio to track all of your addresses, without you having to export and import them manually into the platform. Many wallets already support exporting your xpub addresses.

    However there are some additional privacy and security risks you should be aware of before adding your xpub addresses to CryptFolio. See this article for more information.

    To add your xpub addresses to CryptFolio, add a new Bitcoin address to one of your portfolios, using your xpub key as the address:

  • Is there a risk when sharing xpub keys?

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    For ease-of-use, CryptFolio supports tracking xpub (extended public key) addresses, which are long strings starting with "xpub". These keys allow CryptFolio to track all of your addresses, without you having to export and import them manually into the platform.

    However, please be aware that providing your third party to any third party (including CryptFolio) can introduce additional risks.

    Theoretically, by sharing your extended public key (xpub), the recipient can obtain all of your current – and future – wallet public keys and addresses, and identify and view all of your historical transactions. This can have privacy implications, if you are

  • Updated privacy policy

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    We have updated our privacy policy to include what information we will share if you choose to use one of our upcoming mobile apps. The rest of the privacy policy has not changed.