How old accounts are migrated

If you had an account set up, then when your account is migrated, we will do our best at importing all of your old account data into the new CryptFolio.

Merging accounts

If you have an existing CryptFolio account with the same email as your migrated account, then we will update your new account with your old signup date and account name.

Otherwise, we will create a new user account for you, with your original email and account name. This is the email address that we will have sent the "Your new CryptFolio account is ready!" email to.

If your old account did not have an e-mail address, then we will need to migrate your account manually. Please get in touch with support ASAP with as much information about your account as you have.

Logging in

If you previously logged in with OAuth2, then that same login will continue to work. If you logged in with a password, then you will need to reset your password before you can login again. At this time we do not support other OpenID logins. (Note: GitHub and Facebook login is coming soon.)

If you had multiple login methods registered to your previous account, they will all be migrated to your new account, and can be managed in your profile. None of your existing login methods will be reset.


The old site only supported a single portfolio, across multiple pages. Most users only had a single page in their account.

When migrating, we will create a new Portfolio for each of your old pages, and add all of the addresses, accounts, offsets and notifications to each of your pages. At any time you can manage your migrated pages through your Portfolios page.


For accounts that we continue to support, your account will be re-created on the new site (including its title, key, secrets, and other credentials), and should continue to operate as normal. We support all of the addresses (and currencies) on the old site, with the exception of GHS, which is no longer actively tradeable.

For accounts that we no longer support, we will add the account as a fixed amount (offset), using the most recent

If the account had been disabled on the old site, then we will turn the account (or offset) to not automatically update.

The new site now tracks historical transactions, rather than balances, for almost all accounts and addresses – so in most cases you should be getting higher resolution data, and access to some of our tax reporting tools.

Miners and securities

At this time, we do not support tracking hashrates or individual securities on portfolios. If this is an important feature for you, please get in touch.


The vast majority of charts on your portfolio pages will be migrated over automatically, into our new collection of powerful charts.

In some cases, we have merged chart types together into a single chart. After this merging process, any duplicate charts are ignored.

Some charts are not supported at this time (charts only converting cryptocurrencies, securities charts, and charts showing hashrates) and will not be migrated. If a chart referred to an exchange pair that is no longer supported (such as GHS), the chart will not be migrated.

Premium accounts

If you currently have an active subscription, then your subscription will be copied over to the new site under the Premium plan, with the same expiry date. The new Premium plan has lots more features than the premium plan – so enjoy your new functionality!

If you previously had a premium account, but your premium subscription had since expired, then your old account may still have been using features that required a paid account; you'll be able to browse the historical data as normal, but if you need to update your accounts or charts, you may need to subscribe in order to get under your pricing plan limits. If you're having difficulty updating your portfolios to come under these limits, please get in touch.

Survey users

If you have filled out the User Survey form, you will also be credited with one month of Premium as soon as you login. Your account will also gain the exclusive Supporter tag.

Adopter tag

If you had an account, your new account will have the exclusive Adopter tag, to say thanks for helping us grow and get to where we are today. You'll also be able to enjoy a permanent 10% discount on all future subscriptions to our platform.

Any issues?

We have extensively tested the migration and the new site over the last six months and we are confident that the new architecture will hold up well. There are bound to be some weird bugs or unexpected use cases, and if you find one of these, please let us know.

Over the next 90 days, you are welcome to play around with your imported account, and check that everything has been migrated and loaded correctly. We have the ability to re-migrate your user account if necessary – if this is the case, get in touch and we'll be able to delete and/or re-migrate your account.

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