What is a fixed amount?

In the context of CryptFolio, a fixed amount is a set of currencies, each with their own balances.

For example, you might wish to create a fixed amount for savings that you are holding on a device that you don't wish to disclose, by creating the following record in your portfolio:

Bitcoin 0.00153 BTC
Litecoin 5.32214 LTC
Ethereum 9.11000 ETH
US Dollars 5,000 USD

You can also used fixed amounts to add any account or exchange to your portfolio, even if the exchange is not directly supported by CryptFolio.

By default, a fixed amount will have no transactions. You can import transactions for the account through CSV, or by editing the transactions manually. Each balance can have multiple transactions. (How do I upload a new CSV file?)

If there are no transactions in the account, CryptFolio will assume the current balances have always been available (i.e. since Unix timestamp 0).

You can have multiple fixed amounts per portfolio, each with different currencies. You can add a Fixed Amount account to your portfolio by clicking on the Amount button when configuring it.