What is an account?

In CryptFolio, an account is one distinct collection of funds in your portfolio. Each account has their own balances, transactions, and histories.

To help you quickly set up your new portfolio, we help you with setting up many different types of accounts:

  • Addresses, similar to bank accounts for cryptocurrencies
  • Exchanges, services where you can trade assets
  • Mining pools, services where many users "mine" for cryptocurrencies
  • External API, a third-party service to return data
  • Fixed amounts, custom or imported balances and transactions

Each of your portfolios can have multiple accounts.

Adding accounts

To add a new account to your portfolio, follow these steps:

1. Visit the portfolio that you wish to configure. You can access all of your existing portfolios through Manage Portfolios.

2. At the bottom of your charts, you can click the button to Add an account to this portfolio.

3. Here you can configure the accounts in your portfolio, using the Add another account form. Select the type of account that you wish to add, and follow the steps in the dialog that pops up.