Why does CryptFolio not support trading?

The main CryptFolio platform is not designed to support trading within the app; this is a strategic decision.

If we were to support any form of automated trading, we would need to comply with many more international laws and regulations:

  1. Under New Zealand law we would have to register as a Financial Service Provider;
  2. We would need to register under similar acts and regulations within each international market; and
  3. As a user, you would need to submit AML/KYC documentation for every CryptFolio account.

We would also need to stop following our read-only API policy, which could expose your portfolio to the risk of irretrievable financial losses.

Rather, we encourage all of our users who are interested in automated trading to use CryptFolio as the platform for managing and tracking your portfolio, and use your private API to connect your CryptFolio with external trading services and/or bots.

If you are the developer of a trading service, and would like to offer this functionality to our users - please get in touch!