Migration from old.cryptfolio.com

On 12 February 2018, we switched the old CryptFolio to https://old.cryptfolio.com, and our new site is now running fulltime.

What new features are there?

The new site represents a new infrastructure and design philosophy: one which will help us add more features, scale out further, and support more devices.

What features are not available yet?

Some of the features previously on old.cryptfolio.com have not yet been implemented on the new site. These features have been placed into our backlog, and are prioritised according to user demand:

How can I migrate my old portfolio over?

(28 May) A migration tool for portfolios previously held on old.cryptfolio.com has been completed, and we are migrating old accounts now.

If you previously logged in with Google, Facebook, GitHub, or email/password, your account will be automatically migrated, and you will receive an email with further instructions to get started.

If you previously logged in only with OpenID methods, or your account did not have an associated email address, you will need to get in contact with us directly.

The migration tool will allow you to connect with your old.cryptfolio.com account, and retrieve a copy of all of your accounts and offsets - including exchanges and wallets that are no longer operational. Your premium account status will also be copied over, under the Premium pricing plan.

What will happen to my data?

At this stage, old.cryptfolio.com will remain fully operational until at least June 2018. Before that time, all old user accounts will have been migrated (where possible). As part of the migration process you'll be able to download a copy of your old data.

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