Why are my portfolio balances out of date?

When you are adding or removing accounts, transactions or integrations, your portfolio balances may become out of date. As a result, your charts and reports may not match the balances and transactions listed in your accounts.

CryptFolio does not automatically calculate your portfolio balances and histories on demand – as for users with thousands of accounts or addresses, this would be too slow. Rather, your balances and charts are updated regularly in the background by one of our job servers.

If, at any time, your portfolio charts appear to be out of date or incorrect, you can always force the portfolio to refresh your balances and histories, by clicking on the Force Update button when editing your portfolio:

You can also use the Force Update link in any of your portfolio charts:

This will send a request to our job servers to update your portfolio balances and histories immediately, and once the task has completed, your charts should now be up to date.