What does "calculating" mean?

When you load up your portfolio for the first time, you may see some of your charts display as "Calculating...":

This message is displayed when the chart needs to calculate some data asynchronously on the server. You can safely wait and the chart will display the results once the calculation has completed.

Why does CryptFolio process reports asynchronously?

To satisfy the rate limit requirements of the external services we use to pull data, and to prevent sudden spikes in demand crashing the frontend servers, CryptFolio does not download balances and process reports on request.

Rather, these jobs are submitted to our job servers. These job servers process these requests asynchronously, and once processed, the results can be delivered to you. Generally, job requests are completed within a few seconds.

Free users are placed at the bottom of the priority for this job queue, so if you see this message frequently, you should consider upgrading your account.