Set-up issues

I am having a few issues setting-up my portfolio

1) Exodus has been partially imported - no BTC, Dash, LTC
2) Jaxx no import.
3) Can't find these
4) KiwiCoin is unauthorised

5) The balance is way too low.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for sharing your setup issues. I hope I can help you through each of them.

1) Exodus import: Are you referring to the Exodus app? What technique are you using to import your balances/transactions/addresses?

2) Jaxx import: Similarly, what technique are you using to import your balances/transactions/addresses?

From what I can tell, Exodus and Jaxx don't have public APIs that we can integrate with, and we haven't yet explicitly added support for Exodus or Jaxx (but we want to!) We support uploading addresses and uploading transactions through files, so if you're able to send us a copy of your exported files to support@cryptfolio.com, we can add support for them quickly.

3) Where could you not find those four currencies? We support GNT, ICN, PAY and ZEC as currencies, and you can add balances and transactions for any of these currencies already. When managing your portfolios, you should also be able to add these currencies as reporting currencies too (they're listed under Cryptocurrencies)

For the first three tokens, if you add your Ethereum address to your portfolio, then we will automatically download token balances and transactions associated with your Ethereum address.

For Zcash, we don't yet support downloading balances or transactions for an account (we're still looking for a good Zcash explorer), but we'll add this to our roadmap.

4) Unfortunately this is a known issue with the Kiwi-Coin API integration; their endpoint is notoriously unreliable. We've sent them a message to try and resolve this. Currently the recommended workaround is to upload your Kiwi-Coin transactions through CSV instead.

5) This sounds like a bug, are you able to provide any more information? While you are adding or removing accounts, your balances may be temporarily incorrect, but the next time your portfolio balances are updated (or you can request this manually) they should be accurate.

Please let me know if you're still having issues and if I can help further.

Hi Jevon

Thanks for replying and sorry for the delay; I had my mother visiting from the UK.
1) Exodus import:  I was importing a csv for the Exodus transactions.
2) Jaxx import; ditto
Two additional question2.
1) Having said i was adding csv files, now I can't see where to add another. Duh!
In Configure my portfolio, the right-hand option is Amount eg csv or fixed amount.
If I go there it is only fixed amount.

Thanks for following this up Andrew! Can you send those CSV files to me at support@cryptfolio.com and I'll see if I can add support for them?

To add another CSV file, it is a bit complicated at the moment - you need to create a new Fixed Amount (i.e. that dialog you had open), but leave the balances blank. Once you've created the Fixed Amount, open up the page for the account, and you'll see a button to upload the CSV file.

Hello Jevon

I followed your screenshots and uploaded then got this error message.

I've sent the csv file.

There are other coins I hold on Exodus but lets' fix this one first. :-)