Kiwi-Coin integration sometimes returns Unauthorized

We are aware of an issue with Kiwi-Coin API integration where your valid API key/secret may fail to work and return the error Unauthorized. Unfortunately this is an issue on the Kiwi-Coin side, and to date we've not been able to work around this issue.

You may be able to resolve this issue by creating a new API key and secret, and adding this to your portfolio.

Alternatively, you are also able to import your Kiwi-Coin transactions directly through CSV.

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Hi Jevon,

Lev @ Kiwi-coin said that the reason the API calls come back UNAUTHORIZED is that they receive them as IPV6 which they don't support yet.

You can contact Lev onĀ info@kiwi-coin.com

If you can resolve this, let me know.


Mark :-)