FUN coin not showing up

Fun coins (FUN) on myetherwallet address are not showing up in portfolio. Is there anyway to get is fixed.

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Great! It’s working perfectly now, thanks for the quick response 

Thank you for the report. It looks like the FunFair (FUN) token used to be at contract address 0xbbb1bd2d741f05e144e6c4517676a15554fd4b8d, and has since changed to 0x419d0d8bdd9af5e606ae2232ed285aff190e711b. Since we only download the balances of Ethereum tokens we're aware of, it wasn't picking up these transactions as FUN balances.

We've updated the token to the new contract address, and your FUN balances should now be picked up. Note that any balances associated with the old contract will no longer be picked up as FUN balances.