What is an address?

An address is a unique identifier, generally between 24-64 characters, that represents a possible destination for a cryptocurrency transaction. It is similar to a bank account number, in that you can have many bank accounts each with their own balances and transactions.

Addresses can be generated for free with your wallet software, and there is no practical limit to the number of addresses that you can control.

Often different currencies will differentiate their addresses with a different leading character, for example:

Sample Bitcoin address Generally starts with 1 or 3 17eTMdqaFRSttfBYB9chKEzHubECZPTS6p
Sample Litecoin address Generally starts with L or M LbYmauLERxK1vyqJbB9J2MNsffsYkBSuVX
Sample Dogecoin address Generally start with D D64vbPp9TvqQ67xc6we5GnEtcKqiTXfp1S
Sample Ethereum address Start with 0x 0xbe1089a5f045c72e396ec788885d5d9ea981499c

You can add an Address account to your portfolio by clicking on the Address button when configuring it.

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