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    Ray Watson · 0 · Posted

    Hello Jevon .. do you respond to email? I have just joined up with Cryptfolio and wanted to know a little more about the company. How many employees? How long has the company been going? Do you have an "about" page on your website? I was thinking of signing up with but then saw your site and I am trying to compare the two. I would sign up with cryptfolio if I thought I was going to get a more specifically NZ targeted help desk, and good support.

    Cheers! Ray

    PS I didn't really want this to be a

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    How do I upload a new CSV file?

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    To upload a new CSV file to a CryptFolio account, follow these four steps:

    1. Create a new Fixed Amount account (you can also add any other type of non-automatic account)

    2. In the Configure page for that portfolio, open the account page by clicking Import transactions.

    3. Click on the Import Transactions button to upload a new file.

    4. Select the CSV file to upload, and click Upload Transactions.

    If your uploaded CSV fails to import, it may be because we haven't yet implemented support for that CSV file – please let us know so we can add it.

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    What is a fixed amount?

    Jevon Wright · 0 · Posted

    In the context of CryptFolio, a fixed amount is a single set of currencies, each with their own balances.

    For example, you might wish to create a fixed amount for savings that you are holding on a device that you don't wish to disclose, by creating the following record in your portfolio:

    You can also used fixed amounts to add any account or exchange to your portfolio, even if the exchange is not directly supported by CryptFolio.

    By default, a fixed amount will have no transactions. You can import transactions for the account through CSV, or by editing the transactions