Linking transactions as associated events

UPDATE (Sep 2018): This functionality has been removed, and replaced with Transaction Groups.

Today we have released a powerful new feature: the ability to link transactions together through optional associations.

For example, when CryptFolio processes a trade on an exchange account, we register it as two separate events for accounting purposes: a Sale transaction, and a Purchase transaction. Using associated transactions, you can now browse these transactions from each of the separate events:

Similarly, when transferring an amount of currency from one of your cryptocurrency addresses to another, you can link the two transfer transactions together:

These associated transactions will be generated automatically by default. If, when an account or address transaction is updated (either through our automatic imports or by uploading a file of transactions), and the transaction does not have any existing associations, if we can identify a single transaction with the same reference in the same account (or with the same currency for addresses) within a five minute window, we will mark the two transactions as associated to each other.

Furthermore, if the two transactions have the same value (after fees), we will automatically mark the two transactions as transfer events. This should vastly reduce the number of uncategorised transactions you may need to declare for your tax reports.

At this stage, linking transactions has no financial or reporting implications, but it can help you navigate through thousands of transactions.