Addresses do not work.

I started using Cryptfolio with three addresses. None of them work.

Ledger Nano S - ETH - Empty

Ledger Nano S - XRP - Empty

Desktop Wallet for Ripple - Error message.

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The XRP/Ripple issue has now been fixed.

Hello! Sorry about the delay in replying, and we're sorry to hear that you couldn't see any address balance.

I think when you added the ETH wallet, the Ethplorer.io explorer was down for maintenance - so we couldn't fetch the balances. This should be working now. In the future we're going to include some mechanism to inform users when a third party is down (but that is simpler than the old External API status page).

XRP/Ripple not displaying all the correct balances is a known issue that we're working on right now. At the moment we're only using one XRP explorer and it doesn't have a published API.

Could you try again with your Ledger ETH balance?