Hello Jevon .. do you respond to email? I have just joined up with Cryptfolio and wanted to know a little more about the company. How many employees? How long has the company been going? Do you have an "about" page on your website? I was thinking of signing up with cointracking.info but then saw your site and I am trying to compare the two. I would sign up with cryptfolio if I thought I was going to get a more specifically NZ targeted help desk, and good support.

Cheers! Ray

PS I didn't really want this to be a public post, but couldn't find any other way to contact you.

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Hi Ray!

No worries - I won't make this post public, please let me know if you receive this reply though.

I'm the only full-time employee at the moment, although I'm working with a number of accountants around NZ to make sure all the reporting tools are correct. The company was incorporated in August 2017 but CryptFolio has been running since May 2013.

I'm building CryptFolio to support a global market, but my immediate goal is to fully support all the requirements of NZers: the FIFO reports have been designed with the IRD's recent disposal guidance in mind. If you have a paid account you will get direct e-mail support from me, so yes, a fully NZ helpdesk and (I hope) good support!

I actually just released a new About Us page with a bit more information about the company: https://cryptfolio.com/company

You can also contact me through jevon@cryptfolio.com or any of the contact methods at https://cryptfolio.com/contact .

I hope this helps, please send me an email if you have any other questions or if you'd like to have a chat!