Invalid Symbols Pair after adding cex.io account

After adding account i couldn't get neither history, nor account balance. All keys are correct, I tried to add new sync with new keys, but the same problem occurs.

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Hi, thank you very much for reporting this issue – it turns out that when we started importing historical data for exchange pairs that Cex.io once supported (such as LTC/BTC), we were asking the Cex.io API for pairs that no longer existed. I've fixed this bug and your account should now be updating correctly, can you check?

Thank you very much for support! Everything works fine now!

That's great to hear! My pleasure :)

Thanks for fast reply. Now it shows correct current account balance but still there are no transactions and in "my portfolio" tab "my portfolio in USD" still showing 0.00 USD

Thank you for your patience – it appears the worker was not configured correctly to process splits such as the BTC/BCH split in November 2017. I've pushed another update that should make the Cex.io worker more resilient, and you should now see your Cex.io transactions and portfolio balances. Can you check?