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We are very pleased to announce that we've added support for GDAX/Coinbase Pro accounts today, thanks to the help of one of our users, Michael. Check out the guide to add your GDAX account.


Just sent a read-only API for Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX) key and screenshots to the support email.


Today we have added support for Coinbase wallets. We're still waiting for someone who would be willing to help us out with adding GDAX!

Thank you for the suggestion! We would love to support GDAX, unfortunately since we're based outside the US they won't let us create an account.

Would you be willing to help us add GDAX, by providing us with an API key to an account, and taking some screenshots of the process? You can send them through to support@cryptfolio.com. Thank you!

Maybe add coinbase in the meantime.